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Why Us

You may be asking yourself why should I choose My Easy Web Solutions (MEWS)  over the other competitors?  Here are a few reasons why our Products and Services beat those of our competition:

  • My Easy Web Solutions (MEWS) keeps our costs at a minimum so you can keep yours at a minimum too...our products and services are accessible to everyone.  Whether you are a start-up or small business or a large company, you choose the CMS that best suits your needs, then when you need to expand you choose when and how. 
  • Our CMS has an unlimited number of administrators.  The competitors charge extra for each new administrator. 
  • Our CMS comes with a unique web design made to your specifications...all you have to do is manage the content.
  • Our CMS is the best and easiest option for non technical clients. If you can type you can use our CMS.
  • FREE updates! (Once you have purchased our application, any new version will be delivered to you free of charge)
  • My Easy Web Solutions (MEWS) is always working on new extensions for the CMS to make your business easier.
  • As  you grow, we grow with you.  We are always offering new products and services for a growing business.  We are always up-to-date with the latest technology so that you can be too.










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